How to Trade Penny Stocks
With a Huge

Penny Stocks

Welcome to the exciting and fast paced world of penny stocks trading!  Gains of 100, 200 or even 300% or more in a few days, sometimes one day, even in mere hours, are not uncommon!

Buckle your seat belt, put your thinking cap on and get set to put your money in the middle, because "It's Boooom Time!" 

The Over the Counter (OTC) markets can turn rags to riches, but they can also break the bank if you don't know what pitfalls to avoid...Our mission is to teach you how to trade penny stocks and navigate the OTC for MAX gains and the least amount of risk possible!

That being said, there is substantial risk trading OTC stocks and if you are not willing to put in some time to learn what pitfalls to avoid you may quickly find yourself without a penny to your name!

This is where we come in...

We are "the" OTC specialists and only focus on stocks trading for pennies...or less!  No Nasdaq, NYSE or AMEX stocks here and nothing that trades for more than $0.99.  We also do not accept payments to promote stocks, so you'll find no pump and dumps here...

We're traders like you, simply looking
for the seeds 
before they become an AAPL!  

Learn More About Us...

Penny Stocks for Dummies Guide

Of course I'm not calling you a dummy, but that other guy...well, I don't know about him:)  If you take the time to read, study and apply what you learn in my How to Trade Penny Stocks for Dummies Guide you'll be more advanced than 83.2% of OTC traders...Totally fictitious %, but trust that you will better than the vast majority of them...

In reality and statistically speaking, over 90% of traders lose money trading stocks on the OTC, so I'd guess I'm not too far off in my estimates. 

What Does This Education Cost You?

Well, what if I told you it was totally free?  What if I told you that it's free and still more comprehensive than the majority of paid training?  What if I told you everything on this site was totally FREE?  You'd probably ask "where do I sign up?"  What if I told you you don't even have to sign up?  Sort of a no brainer, huh?

That's right, no money, no signing up, no logging in, no downloads, no giving your name, address, phone number and you don't need to give us your email (we do need it if you choose to signup for our daily stock picks newsletter though).


I've Read the Guide, Now I Want More!

That's the spirit!  Now that you know how to trade penny stocks let's talk about why you'll want to stick around and hopefully even choose to participate...


An area of the website you'll want to visit often is the BLOG!  Here you'll find all the newest content, including the newest stocks to watch, that's been added to the site! 

Stocks to Watch

You'll also find our penny stocks to watch section with articles and analysis section packed with in depth coverage of specific stocks and industries that may lead to some exceptional trading opportunities, or it might just save you from making a costly mistake!

This is also where you get to shine!  

If you've got a hot stock pick that you are intimately familiar with and want to spread the word, then this is where you'll do it.  What a great way for you to bring new investors/traders on board with your little hidden gem that you are ever so anxiously awaiting to get discovered!

Stock Trading Tips

Trading penny stocks successfully requires continual training to stay on top of your game.  Once you've mastered the basics you should strive to consistently build on those skills with "mini-refreshers" so to speak.  You'll find plenty of insightful refreshers with our stock ***trading tips.

We're Not Scared to Talk to You!

If you've got questions about trading, want to share a particular stock, want us to shut this site down...or whatever, we don't shy away from responding to emails.  Please feel free to Contact Us and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can!

Once you've made your way around StocksA', read through the guide, tips, articles and hopefully come back daily we are confident you'll believe us when we say that this site is "more than a slight edge, it's a full blown Penny Stocks Advantage! " 

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