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Our hot "penny stocks to watch" list will help you find that hidden gem just waiting to explode! We'll bring you the research and you decide which are the best to buy.  Get in early and enjoy the ride!

We are always on the lookout for the best penny stocks to buy and when we find ones that have profitable setups or future catalysts to rocket their share prices higher we'll be adding them here to our penny stocks to watch list.

Why Follow Our Penny Stock Picks?

 These are just some of our larger alerts over the past year and now we're bringing our picks out of the private chat rooms and to the public at large.   You'll find full research reports for each of these companies below in our penny stocks to watch list.

To be crystal clear...We are NOT paid promoters! 
We find the best penny stocks to buy through sources 
like news scans, chart screening and general buzz
to pick HUGE winners on a regular basis.

What We Look For

  • OTC Stocks Under $1
  • Upcoming News Catalyst
  • Decent Average Volume
  • Decent Chart Setup
  • A Move in 1-45 Days

What We Avoid

  • Heavily Promoted Stocks
  • Excessive Overhead Money
  • Signs of Heavy Dilution
  • Overly Inflated Market Cap
  • Poor Share Structure

There is some flexibility in those standards, but we want more positives than negatives and most importantly we want stocks that are going to move based on a HUGE future catalyst.

As of 06/2015 our best penny stocks to buy are:

And these are just some of the stocks we'll be bringing you heading into summer...Get ready, it's going to be a hot one!

We Share, YOU Share...
Add Your Penny Stocks to Watch Below

Our list is made up of contributions from the StocksA' staff as well as individual investors/traders just like you.  If you have a list of best penny stocks to buy, or maybe just one, and it meets the criteria above, then tell the world about it here.  Click the "?" to learn to format your profile/article.

Penny Stocks to Watch...

How do you expect your hidden little gem to ever go BOOM if nobody knows about it??? Spill the beans and tell us what you know! Nothing to share? No problem...scroll down and see what we've found!

Don't just take our word for it, keep an eye on our penny stocks to watch and you'll see for yourself that we consistently pick the best penny stocks to buy .. Good trading to you!

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