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The Penny Stocks A'dvantage, StocksA' (stocks-uh) for short, is committed to teaching motivated individuals how to trade penny stocks for potentially HUGE profits in OTC stocks.  We do this by sharing more than 15 years of experience where we've seen a little bit of everything...

Please be patient as we build the site...construction started in May of 2015 and has progressed nicely, but there are still areas of the site that may not exist just yet.  We hope to be finished by 6/30/2015 and we will at that time be able to give regular daily updates.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Oh yeah, we'll make the wait worth your time... we are not paid promoters, but consistently find 300%+ winners that we'll share with you for free!

Everything includes the good (the winners) and the bad!  Bad includes the pump and dumps, stock promoters that come and go (sometimes "go" to jail), toxic financing, massive conversions causing death spirals, message board bashers, short sellers, cheats, manipulation, out right liars and most every other kind of scam or deceptive tactic out there.

As odd as this may sound, not all the bad is all that bad!  At least it's not if you know what to look for in advance and how to trade those penny stocks to maximize your profits and limit your risk.

Simply the best, free training and coverage for $0.99 (or less) OTC stocks!  And, we don't get paid to promote stocks...we find winners the old fashioned way! 

So, What Do We Do At StocksA'?

It's our goal to bring you stock trading tips, articles, daily commentary and resources to make you a successful OTC trader.  Great part is it's excellent, comprehensive information and it's all FREE!  You can start with our free Penny Stocks for Dummies Guide.

We also hope YOU will bring us your ideas, your needle in the haystack finds so that we may all share in the profits when a hidden gem is discovered!

In addition, StocksA' is dedicated to covering only (ONLY) the OTC markets and only (ONLY) penny stocks trading for $0.99 or less!

How Does StocksA' Make Money?

We're giving away a bunch of free information that took a significant amount of time to put together, so there has to be an angle...right?

Of course, to some degree.  As you'll see throughout the website there are ads and links to some of our affiliate websites.  Click on an ad...we get paid.  Buy from an affiliate...we get paid.  This is not the ultimate goal though and those generate an insignificant amount of money each month.

Our main goal as penny stock traders is to create a core group of like minded OTC traders always on the hunt for the next winner...A group of 40 people stand a much better chance of finding regular winners than 1-2 people do.  You know, the whole "Knowledge is Power" thing!

Much as you may have in the past, or as you might aspire to in the future, we buy stocks on the open market and look to sell them at some point in the future for a profit!

So, What DON'T We Do At StocksA'?

First and foremost, we are not licensed stock brokers.  We will not give specific buy or sell recommendations and those decisions will be yours and yours alone to make.

Second, we don't promote penny stocks and encourage our visitors to buy them with the goal of dumping a bunch of shares on them.  We also do not accept payment for any of the stocks we profile.  In other words, we don't get paid to promote stocks for others to dump on you either.

That being said, as mentioned above, we do buy and sell on the open market.  If we owned a stock that we profile and it makes a significant move after we profile it, well, duh...we're going to sell some or all of our position to lock in profits! 

What makes us different from the "other guys" is we'll tell you when we've done it, why we did it and you can decide what you want to do from there! 

Sound Good?

If you like the idea of what we do, how you can participate, are eager to learn and most importantly eager to find and trade the next 100, 200, 300% or greater OTC penny stocks, then we encourage you to check out our BLOG and if you've got questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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